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12 Family-Friendly Activities in Campbell River, BC

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Everything you need to plan an unforgettable visit to Campbell River with your loved ones.

Campbell River offers many activities perfect for families. You’ll find outdoor adventures, educational experiences, and leisurely fun, our city has something to offer everyone.

In this article, we’ll explore family-friendly activities that promise a memorable visit for everyone.

Outdoor Adventures

For families seeking fresh air and excitement, Campbell River provides tons of outdoor adventures. Explore the rainforest or scenic coastal spots, and you’ll find plenty to keep everyone entertained and active.

1. Elk Falls Provincial Park

Elk Falls Provincial Park is a natural gem that offers a fantastic outdoor experience for families. The park features well-maintained hiking trails suitable for all ages. Don’t miss the incredible suspension bridge, which provides breathtaking views of the waterfall.

Pack a picnic and enjoy the serene surroundings at one of the designated picnic areas. Visiting with small children? The park’s trails are relatively easy to navigate. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks.

2. Discovery Pier

Discovery Pier is a noteworthy spot in Campbell River, ideal for a family outing. Here, you can try fishing, grab a cone of delicious ice cream (your kids will want the ice cream!), or simply enjoy a walk along the pier while taking in the scenic ocean views.

The pier often hosts seasonal events such as markets and live music, and is always lively in nice weather.

3. Beach Combing

Campbell River is built along the water. This gives families a fantastic opportunity to try beachcombing. Wandering along the shoreline, you and your children can discover a variety of treasures such as sea glass, shells, and driftwood.

The beaches provide endless exploration opportunities, and you might even spot some fascinating marine life in the tidal pools. Flip over large rocks during low tide and you are sure to find interesting critters like baby crabs and starfish.

Educational and Interactive Experiences

For those looking to combine fun with learning, Campbell River boasts a variety of educational and interactive experiences. From historical museums to fascinating aquariums, these attractions turn learning into an adventure for the whole family.

4. Museum at Campbell River

The Museum at Campbell River is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and exhibits. The museum features interactive displays that are perfect for sparking children’s curiosity.

Check the museum’s calendar for special programs and events tailored for families.

5. Discovery Passage Aquarium

The Discovery Passage Aquarium offers an engaging and educational experience for families. The aquarium’s touch tanks let children interact with a variety of marine creatures, fostering a hands-on learning environment.

Guided tours, often led by knowledgeable staff, offer deeper insights into the marine life of the area. It’s a phenomenal place to learn and have fun simultaneously.

Water Activities

Campbell River’s stunning waterways host a variety of water activities perfect for families. From serene kayaking trips to thrilling whale watching tours, there’s an aquatic adventure waiting for everyone.

6. Kayaking and Canoeing

Campbell River’s waterways provide an excellent setting for kayaking and canoeing. Several local tour operators offer family-friendly paddling excursions that are both safe and enjoyable.

These trips often include safety briefings and all necessary equipment. Choose calm waters and consider taking shorter routes to keep the experience fun for younger family members.

7. Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching is one of the most exhilarating activities available in Campbell River. Numerous family-friendly tour operators can guide you on an unforgettable adventure where you might spot orcas, humpback whales, and other marine mammals.

black whale in water during daytime
Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Prepare your kids for an exciting time by bringing binoculars and teaching them a little about the local marine life before the tour.

Relaxing and Leisure Activities

For families looking to unwind, Campbell River is perfect. Enjoy a serene walk along the coast or a day at a local park – there are many peaceful spots to enjoy quality time together.

Rotary Sea Walk is great for a family bike ride

8. Rotary Sea Walk

The Rotary Sea Walk is an inviting coastal path perfect for a relaxed family stroll.

Along the walk, you’ll find scenic spots for photo opportunities, playgrounds for young children, and picnic areas where you can unwind and take in the stunning views.

Tip: Keep an eye out for wildlife as when you’re on the seawalk. You’ll probably see eagles along your walk, and if your lucky you might even spot whales.

9. Local Parks and Playgrounds

Several parks and playgrounds in Campbell River are designed with families in mind. Popular options include Penfield Park, which boasts extensive play structures and seating areas, and Centennial Park, known for its lush green spaces, outdoor pool, and picnic facilities.

These parks offer amenities such as restrooms, snack bars, and plenty of seating, making them ideal for a relaxing family day out.

Robert V. Ostler park is especially popular with young families as it is on the shore and has a fun playground, picnic tables and a very convenient central location.

Seasonal Festivals and Events

Campbell River’s seasonal festivals and events are perfect for families. These celebrations showcase our rich cultural heritage and community spirit, offering memorable experiences for visitors of all ages.

Shoreline Art, Bears – Campbell River by MIKOFOX is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

10. Campbell River Salmon Festival

The Campbell River Salmon Festival is a celebration rooted in the town’s cultural and industrial heritage. Families can enjoy numerous activities during the festival, including live music, kids’ games, and salmon-themed festivities.

The event offers a range of food stalls and craft vendors, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Arrive early to make the most of this lively festival.

11. Driftwood Carving Competition

The Driftwood Carving Competition showcases extraordinary creativity and skill. Families can marvel at the intricate driftwood sculptures created by talented artists along the beach.

The event also offers interactive activities for kids, allowing them to learn about the art of carving and perhaps even try their hand at it. It’s an inspiring and engaging celebration that highlights the artistic spirit of Campbell River.

12. Canada Day Celebrations & Fireworks

Canada Day in Campbell River is a celebration filled with festivities the whole family can enjoy. The day starts with cake, a parade and then various activities like live music, games, and food stalls.

As night falls, the sky lights up with a spectacular fireworks display over the waterfront, creating a memorable experience for all ages. It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the community spirit and celebrate the nation’s birthday with your loved ones.


Campbell River hosts many family-friendly activities, ranging from adventurous outdoor excursions to educational and leisure experiences. We hope this guide helps you discover the best that our city has to offer.

When you visit, take time to explore these suggestions and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Happy travels!

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