Robert V. Ostler Park

Robert Ostler Park, often called “Foreshore Park” or just “the Foreshore”, is a scenic oceanfront spot right in downtown Campbell River.

The park features a generous grassy area with picnic tables and a jungle gym, making it a fantastic place for families to hang out. Kids can have a blast on the playground while the adults enjoy the peaceful setting and the fresh ocean air.

It’s common to see ships passing by, a variety of sea birds like herons and eagles, and the Quadra Island ferry making its way across the water. Each Canada Day, it is also the main venue for locals to gather, celebrate and watch the annual firework show.

Upcoming Events at Robert V. Ostler Park

Who Was Robert V. Ostler?

Robert V. Ostler, or Bob as most people knew him, left a big impact on Campbell River, British Columbia.

Bob was born on September 12, 1920, in Victoria. At 18, he trained as a pilot and served six years in the Royal Air Force during World War II. He flew a Lancaster bomber and survived being shot down three times, each time making his way back through the underground network.

After the war, Bob started out digging telephone post holes. By the time he retired, he had worked his way up to become the general manager of computers and communications for B.C. Tel.

Bob loved serving his community. He spent two terms as a councillor in Saanich before moving to Campbell River. Here, he became a key player with the United Way, serving as its first president when it launched in Campbell River in 1970.

In 1983, Bob was elected mayor of Campbell River and served four terms until 1990. Under his leadership, the town grew a lot. He led many big projects like the Discovery Fishing Pier, expanding the airport terminal, and revitalizing downtown. He also saw the building of the Tidemark Theatre, a new library, and a community center.

Bob dreamed of making the town’s waterfront special. He acquired foreshore property and started the seawalk project. He also helped develop Discovery Marina and expand Alder and Dogwood streets. In 1987, the town got its official coat of arms during his time as mayor.

Bob also helped start a Sister City relationship with Ishikari, Japan in 1983. In 1990, Ishikari made him an Honourary Citizen, which was a rare honor for someone from another country.

Robert Ostler Park is named after him, celebrating his vision, leadership, and dedication. Bob believed in building a strong community and supporting culture and education. His legacy still inspires Campbell River, the city he loved and helped shape.